Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We're All Ready For Success


Well I think everyone is finally settled in from changes. I'm still super excited for what's to come. All of my missionaries are happy and working hard. I love the missionaries that are here working with us as well. I'm really good friends with the zone leaders, and we're all ready for success. 

This week we are going to the temple!!! On Wednesday we are traveling to the temple and on Thurday we will be going to a session. They wanted us to do some family history work and find a name to take to the temple. But unfortunately I think we are the first zone to go, so we really didn't have like any time to look for a name. Plus with our family history it might be a little more difficult. But they have taught us how we might be able to find names, it is really interesting. They showed us a thing called a decendency search. You should look into it. 

We have been seeing some awesome miracles here in Rio Branco. First of all, last week an investigator named Rafael went to church. We didn't know at the time, but apparently the night before his aunt (an active member of the church) wanted to know if God really wanted her to go to church so she didn't put an alarm for Sunday. Well on Sunday morning her nephew Rafael who lives next door, went over and woke her up and asked if she was going to go to church because he wanted to go as well. Rafael had gone to church once before, when Elder Parmenter was here and we had had a couple of lesson with him but he told us that he wasn't very interested so we focused on other people. But he went that Sunday, and he went yesterday as well. We tried setting up lessons with him last week, but they all fell through. But we were able to talk to him yesterday and we invited him to be baptised on the 28th. We are really excited for him. 

Also, the mom of this member is not a member. That sounded weird, but the moms name is Nancy and she lives with her daughter. She has obviously met and talked with a lot of missionaries over the years, but has never gone to church. But this last week, we had an amazing lesson with her and her daughter and Nancy expressed to us that she feels a need to go to church and that when she has talked with us she has felt good. She committed yesterday to going to church next week. Well, be praying for Nancy. 

Cristian and Maria are unfortunately going downhill. Especially Maria. We haven't been able to talk with her, because she is always sleeping or lying down in her room when we go. But we had a good lesson with Cristian yesterday. He realizes that they haven't been putting their part in or doing their best. We explained frankly yesterday that they are going to need to do their part or we can't keep passing by. We'll see this week. Vamos a ver.

I don't really have like any more time now, but things are going great here. We have been really busy, which is really great. But I do have to say that the time is going by faster and faster and faster. I don't like it. I just keep telling myself that I have a lot of time left in the mission... cause I do ;)

I love you all more than you will ever know! Thanks for the emails. sorry I don't have time to write you back Mace but just know that I read all of your guys' emails and appreciate them a lot. 

Elder England

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