Monday, December 15, 2014

I Need To Do All I Can And Not Waste One Second

Anthony and Marco's Baptism!

A week full of amazing talks. I'm bummed I couldn't hear everyone speak. But I know you all did amazing. I loved the pics, haha Dalt looks sooooooo tall! Haha I totally love Preston, that picture just brings back memories from scout camps and young mens. And that's a cute pic of my two favorite brown people.
So I like the idea of going home and getting released, then coming back. I don't know why but lately I have been having dreams of getting home in the airport... I hate it! I wake up and I'm like NO I don't want to go home!!! I think that it is finally hitting me that I have like six months left. The good thing is that whenever I think about that, I just feel a need to do all I can and not waste one second. But things are going great here in Rio Branco.
We had the baptisms of Marcos and Anthony. It was an amazing service. I baptised Anthony and my comp baptised Marcos. But right after Marcos got baptised he was saying, ¨Oh, I feel so good¨ and he was just grabbing his chest. Then at the end of the service Marcos got up and gave one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard from a new convert. Everyone was so impressed! What he said reminded me a lot of what Lucas said when he got baptised. Marcos got up and invited everyone that hadn't been baptised to be baptised, he then shared how he felt and his desire to keep learning. The only bummer about the service was that not one of their family members went :( They said they were all out of town. But we are going to really try and focus on their families this week.
We are still going strong with the El es la dadiva video. We are hoping to involve the members more with this new inniciative.
This last week, we had a conference with President. It was only with our zone, because we also had interviews with him. It was a really great conference, and I can see that President Cook is a very inspired man. It was fun after the conference, because Pres. drove us back to Rio Branco. I don't know if I told you, but it is like an hour and a half bus ride from Melo to Rio Branco and we make that trip at least once a week. However, while talking about golf with President he mentioned that he has a condo in Sunbrook... super funny.
Anyways this week we have our annual mission Christmas conference on Wednesday. So at like two in the morning on Wednesday we will be getting on a bus to go to Montevideo. I am really excited though, It'll be fun to see all my mission friends.
I love you all more than you will ever know! Keep being awesome! y vamos arriba Utes!
Elder England

At the Baptism and later celebrating the
baptism with cookies!

At the border of Uruguay and Brazil!

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