Monday, December 1, 2014

Dreams and Miracles

Adelia and Ledo at their baptism
They are such an awesome family!

Macy is home!!!!!!!!

This is all so weird for me! Whenever I thought of Mace I just thought that she was doing the same exact thing that I was doing. It doesn't surprise me that everyone in Colorado said that she was the best missionary that they have ever had, because she is. She has helped me so much on my mission. I seriously couldn't have imagined serving without her setting the way for me. You guys are all so awesome!!! Bummer that everyone was sick, but the trip looked really fun. I am down for anything as far as you guys coming here at the end of my mission. It would be fun, but if you didn't come, I know that we would come back some day. I am so blessed to have so much support from such an amazing family. 

Rio Branco is just as great as it was last week. We had a baptism this Saturday for Adelia and Ledo. They are such an awesome family. Okay miracle time, so Adellia and Ledo´s daughter who lives in another city nearby got baptised like two weeks ago. Elisa is her name, and before Elisa got baptised she had a dream that she saw two personages in a grove of trees. In this time, she had recieved a resoration pamphlet but never looked at it. So after she had this dream, she went and looked at the pamphlet and saw a picture of the first vision, and said that that was what she saw. Then the week before the baptism of her parents she had a dream that they were going to get baptised on Saturday 29th at 7:00. It was crazy because that was before Adelia and Ledo had there interview with president so we hadn't said anything specific about when the baptism would be. Then they had their interview and passed, and on Sunday the baptism was announced for Saturday at 5:00. But for some reason, I am still not sure who changed the time, the time changed from 5:00 to 7:00. Nobody knew about the dream that Elisa had except for their family, but they told us on Sunday evening. I even saw that Elisa had written on their calendar the time and date. It was so awesome! First crazy miracle.

The second has to do with an investigator named Marcos. We are teaching a group of young men who are really really receptive. Marcos is one of them. This week we were talking with him and asking why he wants to be baptised, and he told us that the first charla that he had with the missionaries, before I got here, they talked about the plan of salvation and he was super interested. So he went online and read all about the church and read about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon (By the way this kid is 13 years old). He then told us that he prayed that same day to know for himself if 
The Book of Mormon was true and that night he said he had a dream that he was reading The Book of Mormon to his family. He already has a testimony, and since then we have been reading The Book of Mormon with him and he has been progressing really rapidly. He unfortunately couldn't go to church yesterday because there was elections here in Uruguay, and everyone older than 18 has to vote or they will have to pay a fee. So his mother took him to his grandmas house in the morning so she could go vote. But we have talked with him and he and one of his friends (Anthony) are going to be baptised on the 13th.

The third miracle. Here is Rio Branco there is an investigator named Macarena who is 16 years old. She is the nicest girl in the world and has been attending church almost every single week since January. She has not been baptised because her mother does not like the church at all and she refuses to talk to missionaries. Neither I nor my comp has officially met her. We saw her outside her house once while walking by, but right as she saw us she bolted inside. However, we have been talking to Macarena and helping her to have the strength to talk to her mom and express her desire to be baptised. Well on I think it was Friday, we talked with her in the morning and she sent us a text just saying, ¨My mom will sign the paper!¨ The whole ward is so excited that she is finally going to get baptised. Her baptism will be this Wednesday:)

I don't know how all of this is happening, but I am very aware now that this is the Lord's work and he works in his own way to bring these people to the path of eternal life. 

I love missionary work! Thanks for everything! I love you guys more than you will ever know.

Have an awesome week:) 

Elder England

It is raining really hard right now, and yes I'm wearing a trash bag :) 

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