Monday, August 11, 2014

I Have Learned Some Things I Can Do Better

The best District in the world!

Hey fam what's happenin?

Summers almost over... which means that winter is almost over here... yaaaaayyyyy!!! It actually hasn't been too bad this week. Haha I can't stop laughing at that picture that you sent Kenna, I wish I could have met this Marc. Bo is killing with his new team like always, three goals? That is so awesome! Keep it up bud. I regret not reading more in highschool, actually I think I did regret not reading when I went back to school each year but by the time that summer started again I had no desire to read. But yeah you guys should read more books. "Go, go away... read some books." 

Anyways one of the sisters in my district just gave me a huge envelope full of recipes. I asked her because SOMEONE didn't send me any recipes. It's kind of true that it might be difficult to find some ingredients, but for the most part I think I'll be able to get what I need. I guess we´ll see. But yeah so I'm going to try and make some yummy stuff. 

As far as the work goes this week was kind of difficult. NO ONE is progressing. Sad news: 
With sandra we tried calling her but she never answered, so we went by her house. On like Tuesday we finally got a hold of her and asked her how it went with her family, and she told us that she didn't really want to bring it up because "problems" so she was just going to stay where she is. However after talking for a while we helped her to remember what she had felt and everything that God had done to guide her to know what to do and she realized that she should go to church and get baptized. But the rest of the week we lost contact again. We tried calling and passing by but it seemed to us that she didn't want to talk to us. And then on Sunday morning we sent a message to her just inviting her to church but she sent a message back saying thanks for everything but that she is going to stay with the religion that she already has. It was like a punch to the gut! I really believed that we were going to be able to help her the first time we talked to her.

Also Sunday was kind of hard.  It was looking really good around Thurday-ish for helping our investigators get to church on Sunday. But on Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning all of them said that they couldn't come. But a good group of them said that next Sunday they could go, so that is what we are working for this week. It's kind of been a humbling week, but I was reading in Ether 12:27 and thinking a lot this week about how if the Lord doesn't show us what we are doing wrong, we can't get better. The week really wasn't as bad as I made it seem, but I have learned some things that I can do better because of this week.

I think I told you about Yonny and his girlfriend Florencia that we found a couple weeks ago. Yonny is less active and Florencia is not a member. They have two kids Valentina (1 yr old) and Nacho(3 yrs old). Yeah Nacho is hilarious, and get this the last time we went over they were watching Nacho Libre... so funny. But they invited us to eat dinner with them tonight. Elder Lizaraso and I were thinking about what we could share with them, and we wanted to share a video or Mormon Message with them. I'll let you know how that goes next week. Hopefully the food will be good.

Oh about that dog story haha it really was quite weird I was walking to church on Sunday with Elder Cruz. I was actually kind of annoyed with Elder Cruz, (I think cause we were leaving the house late) anyway a random dog just ran up behind me and bit my jacket and ran off. Like I didn't even see the thing until after it had bit my suit and started running away. It just made my day that much better. I hate dogs!!! Something else funny, we were walking away from Carol's house after no one answered the door this week, and I almost ate it big time cause I slipped on some mud. But I luckily caught myself. But it reminded me of when we were in the sacred grove and dad fell in the mud... twice haha. I really hope we still have that video. And if we do you should try to send it to me.

I love you guys more than you will ever know. Have a great week!
Elder England

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