Monday, December 23, 2013



haha I just thought of a moment in one of the films of the district when they have a Luau and one of the Elders says Alooooohaaaaa! Dumb missionary quote! Anyways how is Hawaii bums? Sounds like it is awesome, and that is so sweet that you saw sister Annen. Holy cow I am so dang excited to skype!!!!!! We were going to do it with this awesome family that I love, la familia Oyarzabol but they can't cause they are going to be traveling. But don't worry we found another family. La family Garcia Clavero, the dad Waldemar was our ward mission leader. They are really nice people. But okay sounds like everything is already worked out, I wrote down my username and password just now! soooooo excited!

Hey guess what, you're not going to believe it! Alejandra got baptized this week!!!! I baptized her and actually had to try three times:) but hey third time's the charm! I am so happy that she got baptized and that she is really starting to become a part of the Branch. I know that this is going to help her and her kids soooo much! But it's just like what you said in your email dad, baptism isn't the end but the beginning. I am going to try so hard to help her to be active in the church along with her children. We have been trying so hard to help Washington, and have had some awesome lessons with him where he says that he is going to come to church every Sunday and he says that he is going to stop smoking which is the biggest problem. We have tried to help him so much, but the hard thing to realize is that we as missionaries can only do so much for the people that we teach. They have to make their own choices. It's really frustrating sometimes, but I really believe that Washington is going to return and stop smoking. 

So other than them, we don't have very many people. We have some investigators but the thing is that I feel like a lot of the time people just listen to us cause they are nice but really don't want anything to do with the church. But we have Mirtha who I think could be our next baptism. I think I explained a little about her before. Anyways she is so nice, but she didn't come to church this week and she hardly ever follows through with the commitments that we extend. But we will see with her, I hope that she can just give this a chance. 

Well I will talk to you guys in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldnt figure out how to download pictures, this computer is really old sorry, ill send them next week:)

Have an awesome two days nos vemos!

I love you more than you will ever know,
Elder England

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