Monday, December 9, 2013

All The Single Ladies

Elder Gallacher's sister sent him
these reindeer antlers!

Hey fam!!!

I got my FIVE Christmas packages!!! haha everyone was freaking out cause I got five of them, all I said was, ¨Yeah my mom is crazy for stuff like this¨ But I was soooo stinkin excited to open them! I've already eaten a lot of the food, but we haven't made the pancakes with SYRUP yet! I think we might save that for Christmas. Ugh I wanted to open the presents so bad, but then Elder Gallacher told me that I would regret opening them before Christmas. And I guess I realized he was right, (curse you Elder Gallacher). Anyways super duper excited for Christmas, especially for skype! So you guys need to tell me what time would be best for you and for Macy, and then I can try and find a family with a computer to use. I already asked a family that I'm pretty close to, but they said that they might be traveling and need to know what time. Anyways t´would be nice if you could figure the timing out. 

I'm pretty sure I tell this to everyone here, but I do not feel like it is almost Christmas at all! First of all the temperature is a thousand degrees, and secondly I just can't believe how fast the time has gone. I am so excited to have the opportunity to be in the mission for Christmas, I know it's going to be unforgettable!

This week has been great, actually I was a little down at the beginning of the week. We had been finding quite a bit of new investigators, but practically every single one of them (even the ones that I really thought were going to progress quickly), told us that they didn't want to learn anything more from us. The problem here is that a lot of the people have been Catholics there whole life, well I shouldn't say Catholics cause most of them actually haven't even ever gone to the Catholic church, but they are really set in their ways and don't want to change. So I was just a little stressed at the beginning of the week because no one was progressing other than Alejandra. Well we had a meeting in Montevideo for all the oros, and we got there a little early so I studied for a little. And I read in Alma 34, I love this chapter! Anyways in like the third verse I think, it talks about having the faith sufficient to allow the spirit to touch hearts of the people! I was thinking a lot about that and about if I really had the faith sufficient to help the spirit touch the hearts of the people that we teach. I also realized that I needed to be more grateful for what I have! I mean we have Alejandra who has progressed and changed so much and is probably going to get baptized soon. I was focusing on the things that I didn't have rather than the things that I did. So I have been trying to be more grateful, and also have more faith that we can touch the hearts of the people that we teach. And guess what, we had three investigators that came to church! Haha I was so happy, but one of the investigators that we had was this old lady from the Evangelical church. And apparently in Relief Society she stood up and started preaching or something, haha I don't know exactly what happened but by the time that we got out of priesthood she had already gone. Also one of the other investigators that we had left after the first hour, we called her and asked her why she left and she said that it was because she did not believe that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. Anyways we went by her house after and tried to explain the first lesson to her really clearly, but I don't think that she understood. I think that she has some mental problems, okay that sounded really bad but I think that she might because she does not understand a lot of what we tell her... I know that my Spanish is hard to understand but really it is super hard to help her to understand but we will see how it goes with her. And the last investigator we had was this sweet old lady named Mirtha. (I know three old ladies), all of our investigators are single ladies, oh and Alejandra didn't come:( she said that she slept through her alarm), so we are going to try to talk to her today or tomorrow. Anyways Mirtha is so nice, and came for the third hour and sat with us. The topics that the speakers had weren't very great for the situation, but I still think that she had a good experience. I hope that we can help her to progress.

Anyways there's what's going on in Florida Uruguay, just trying to baptize ¨All the single ladies oh oh oh¨

Okay I've been super bad at taking pics, I promise I'll be better this week!


Elder England

On the first day of Christmas my mother
sent to me....five packages!

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